Netmo - First steps

Netmo is a nice, little App, which simply shows the data of your Netatmo station(s) on your menubar.


First log in with the credentials for your Netatmo account. Username and password are only used once for authentication and will not be saved on your Mac.


Main panel

After authentication, you can see Netmo in the menubar. Click to open the main panel.
If you have access to several stations, your can use the two arrows to switch between them.
With the gear wheel symbol at the bottom left, you enter the settings. The button to the right of it opens an extra panel with charts.



General: Select here if you want to use the metric (°C, mm, mBar) or the imperial (°F, inch, inHG) system, the time format and the unit for wind speed.


Menubar: Select the station and the measured values to be displayed in the menu bar.